I think I am going to declare myself Carrie Bradshaw for Career because one of my intentions with this blog is to post resources I find online for students related to career.  Instead of posting reflections about romantic relationships and life as a women in NYC…I will be writing about the relationships you should be building with your career interests and the world of work.  These resources may be specific to job searching, resume writing, personal branding, and so on; however, they will always be informative and thought-provoking.  An important trait of this blog is that it is useful to individuals from many professional fields.  Throughout this next year, I will be asking individuals I know to guest blog about their own experiences and begin to categorize them professional fields.  Eventually, these archives of testimonials from others experiencing life as a young professional will be robust enough to use them as a one-stop shop for career exploration and discovery.  It may also serve as a forum for sharing ideas and to help you connect with individuals in your field for networking opportunities. 

Secondly, in order to improve the appearance of my own blog, I searched in many places for career-related information and resources such as blogs and I came across this website (through a Linkedin professional, career-related group) called Blogs for Career-Minded Students.  Please check out some of the sites I’ve recommended below.  Many are written by students in specific career fields or by recent college graduates.  Their insights and plans for the future are exciting, intriguing,  and entertaining to read.  Plus, they  really give you a glimpse into the mind of the types of students career professionals work with on a daily basis.

I recommend that you visit the following sites–these are the ones I enjoy reading most (my top 5, if you will):;;;;


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