Resources for Entrepreneurs— Are you one?

Over the last 6 months, I have been more attuned and possibly obsessesed with the idea of becoming and entrepreneur and as I sit on the idea, do some research, and network with others, I felt it was only appropriate for me to share with you some of the resources I found.  Beware:  it is quite a long list but one that will always be here so do not hesitate to come back!


1.  The Start-Up of You by Reid Hoffman (co-founder and Chairman of LinkedIn) Great book that I will be reading over the summer as the Entrepreneur bug has hit me recently and I need to truly know if I can do this and from whom to find help with my ideas.

For a pictoral explanation of the book for which this website was created, check out this picture: (if you cannot see the picture to the left, you can click on this link to see the picture)

2. The Four-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris

3. Getting Things Done by David Allen

4. Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki

5. The Art of Start by Guy Kawasaki

6. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

7. Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t by Jim Collins

(– The first four books on the list above I found in this article from Business Insider).

Need some inspiration and/or information on Entrepreneurship?  Watch these videos.

The Start-Up of You-

How to Be An Entrepreneur

To inspire all the women who want to be entrepreneurs-–  Warning this one is over an hour long but really super informative!  It is a panel discussion about being an entrepreneur straight from the mouths of entrepreneurs (who attended the 2010 Conference in Entrepreneurship)

The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster-

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur



2. 65 Indespensible Websites for Entrepreneurs-

3. 21 Entrepreneurship Websites worth Checking out-

LinkedIn Groups:

1.  Bright Ideas and Entrepreneurs

2. Go Small Business (this group also has regional groups as I also belong to Go Small Business New England)

3. On Startups- The Community for Entrepreneurs

4. Women’s Network of Entrepreneurs

5. Start-ups and Entrepreneurs Get Funded

6. Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

7. Entrepreneurs and Investors Network

8. Green Entrepreneurs and Investors Network

9. Entrepreneurs

10. Entrepreneurs in Social Media

And remember no matter what you do, your career will inevitably look, and perhaps, feel like this:   but the journey will be totally worth it and you will discover so much about yourself in the process.  That is the fun part about career!


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