Eat. Pray. Love. Party.

The countries associated with these four words say a lot about someone or at least enough to give you a sense for who they are and what they value.  It is amazing how we forget sometimes to just think about such things…to dream, to want, and to desire the simple things in life (we must do this when choosing our careers as well!).  Sure it takes a small fortune to visit some of the countries that we choose, BUT there is no danger in believing we can make these fantasies a reality someday.  I invite you to share the four countries you would EAT, PRAY, LOVE, and PARTY in after you read what I chose.  I will admit that this took me a couple of weeks to contemplate…I started thinking about it when I was in Maine with some friends and they asked me that question.


Why? No matter what, I LOVE Mexican food.  It is basically my go-to when I think about diverging from my normal cuisine.  Tortilla chips and fresh salsa have a way of drawing me in.   That combination is just so refreshing and delicious…not to mention the delight that fajitas, burritos, enchiladas offer!


PRAY— Fiji

Why? This country is just downright beautiful.  The peaceful tranquility of the water, the seclusion that comes as a result of being on one or a series of islands at any given time, the sunsets, white beaches, and the clear water seem to be the best formula for finding myself in a meditative and happy frame of mind to move forward and readjust my attitude or outlook on life (if I was ever feeling downtrodden, for example).  It’s landscape is conducive to many water sports and physical activities…PLUS I have always wanted to stay in one of those huts that reach out into the water.  I can only imagine the beauty that can be witnessed there.  This country seems to have the best of both of every world (except for a world that has snow which I am fine with excluding for the time being :))–mountains and beaches and everything in between!


Why?  It screams James Bond with the landscape and the posh economy, inhabitants, and casino.  It is super close to Nice, France which is just lovely.  I was there almost 11 years ago and can remember the area like I was just there yesterday.  In my opinion, a place that has a way of making that kind of impression is worth revisiting to find romance.   You can’t beat the beach setting and the houses that climb the mountains.  Plus the casinos and the people who frequent them are RICH beyond belief so you know that they will have good taste in everything they choose to do.



Why? I know one Australian and he is a hoot!  So friendly, wants to have a good time all of the time, is relaxed and spontaneous…all of things that I would think would make for an amazing time.  I have heard that many Australians are this same way, so why not party here?!!  Plus, there were several sites online with testimonials from people around the world stating that Australia is second to Canada when it comes to being a fantastic party city…others argue that Brazil is at the top…

I am curious to find out what you think…Here are some websites to get you thinking.  I look forward to reading your Eat. Pray. Love. Party.  destinations  soon!






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