Running barefoot in the rain

When was the last time you allowed yourself to really experience the elements?  We tend to shy away from them, take cover, worry that we left our umbrella at home or in the office, shudder during a thunderstorm and overall try to protect ourselves from what could be disruptive.

However, a few days ago, one of my friends and I went to the nail salon for a little pampering (something I rarely do but wanted to treat myself to this month) and as we were walking over we noticed the sky becoming grayer. It did not seem too bad but as we continued to sit in our massage chairs, getting our nails polished, we realized that a storm was going to be inevitable.  The clouds were getting darker and seemed to spanned many miles.  We would divert our attention from it every so often and chat about every day things but we always came back to talking about the sky and how ominous it looked.

I kept thinking what we should do.  My friend was done early and I thought perhaps she could go back home since it hadn’t started raining yet and get the car/come get me if it did start raining before I was done.  But she decided to stay and get caught in the rain with me instead (if it did rain).  So about 20 minutes before they were done with my nails, it started to pour.  One of the nail technicians offered to give us a ride. This felt a little awkward to us but expressed our appreciation. When my nails were done, we decided to step out into the rain, assessed the situation and ultimately declined the ride seeing that it was raining but not as badly as we had thought. It was still warm outside as well and there was no thunder; we felt safe. So, together, we ran home (which was only a few blocks away). Obviously, we were hesitant because we did not want to get wet but we really had nowhere to go but home.

We started to run and after we arrived at one of the restaurants less than a block away from the salon, we decided we’d take off our sandals and just go for it! With the sensation of the warm ground on my feet and the refreshing smell of the rain; I was forced into the moment. I experienced joy in something that I probably have not done (in fact, as I said earlier probably avoided) in years–running barefoot in the rain without an umbrella and without a care in the world!  It was freeing and exhilarating and despite our hair and clothes being soaked, we had some great laughs!…Plus our nails still looked great when we got home!!

As this was happening, I could not help but think that it is with this “just go for it” attitude, laughter as well as the awareness/acknowledgement of both the positive and the negative aspects of the elements that we can weather any storm.  I know this seems minor and I spent time debating some options for getting home but, in the end, we declined assistance and just with the do it together kind of approach, we stepped out into the elements.

I encourage you to remember this when your job search is wearing you down or when you aren’t certain whether or not to proceed in a situation knowing that there will be some risk or discomfort. Enlist the help of your friends and family, step out into the elements and run barefoot in the rain because that is truly when you are able to experience the situation wholeheartedly and is really one of the only ways you can appreciate the storm!!


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