When are you Simply Your Best

With the encouragement of the WordPress geniuses and because I have a goal to write more in 2014 on this blog (not just more but also with more humility and reflection of the every day experience…to be honest and open and forthcoming about what I’ve learned during the quieter writing year of 2013), I have borrowed one of their daily prompts:

When and where do you do your best thinking? In the bathroom? While running? Just before bed, or first thing in the morning? On the bus? Why do you think that is?

Immediately, my brain wanted to liken this question to career development and I wanted to answer these questions based on my strengths and talents that would inform a career move or revelation.  However, and perhaps surprisingly, I thought I should digress from that for a moment and simply answer the questions.  My natural inclination is to make associations, develop (find) patterns and make connections from one seemingly unrelated thing to the next but I must practice one of the hottest new trends in 2014 as stated by the Huffington Post (along with my goal of writing more), mindfulness, and just stick to the questions at hand.

I do my best thinking in a coffee shop typically early to mid-morning. I can also do some great thinking in the afternoon in that environment if the place is buzzing because that buzz of people actually energizes me to focus and really dig into whatever task I want to accomplish that day.  If it is during the week then generally early morning between 8am-11am (until the hunger sets in..!).

I end up doing the most thinking throughout the day and sometimes without order or the chance to go back to a thought I previously had because either I was too busy to go back to it or I was taken in many different directions that I may have forgotten for a second where I started.  This is why the Pocket app is fabulous for not forgetting all of those amazing articles I keep finding and wanting to read!

Why do I think that is? I am just a morning person and appreciate the freshness that the morning beholds. In the winter time that is tougher because of the darkness but usually in the morning I feel the most awake and ready for the day. As the day settles in, I want to get more active and interactive, especially meeting with students and/or working out (something physical).  Then I have the chance to process what I have thought about earlier in the day and despite not necessarily being able to write it all down, I can at least circle back to those thoughts.  Learning new things in the morning is best as I can process the ideas more clearly and, of course, apply them to something else in my life–i.e. my career goals or others’ career desires. Additionally, I need to capitalize on the morning time because the day has just started and I feel positive and not rushed to get my To Do List completed.  The day is new and my synapses are fresh! For a great, new perspective on the To-Do list, check out the Daily Muse’s Co-founder and COO, Alex Cavoulacos’ 1-3-5 article.

I must embrace that these are my tendencies as well as acknowledge what I am able to do, when I am able to do that and honor it in all the contexts of my life. I get involved in many things but I have been realizing that “super-involvement” has its time and its place.  Mindfulness and great thoughts as well as sound action come to me when I have had the chance to let the dust of all of that Tasmanian devilish activity subside. I can then take stock of what my talents and strengths are as well as where my true interests collide…essentially what is in my heart. I guess the shorter answer would have been that I do my best thinking from the heart but then that would have been too easy and perhaps a cheesy way to start this post….so instead I am ending it that way…!

If you’d like to share an anecdote from your own AdventureWorthTelling, contact me at meghan@mlgcareer.com or via LinkedIn.

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